Brand Assets & Usage Guidelines

The WebXr product Viewer name and logo have been designed with care to represent our brand identity. This unique brand identity sets us apart from our competitors. So, we encourage you to use our brand assets in your marketing materials without altering any of its components.

Please follow the guidelines below to use the WebXr Product Viewer brand assets correctly, ensuring a cohesive and professional look across all touchpoints.

Brand Name

The WebXr Product Viewer brand name is spelt with the ‘W’,’P’ and ‘V’ capitalized. Please include our brand name in your design or marketing material in its correct form. 


Horizontal Logos

The primary WebXr Product Viewer logo has a horizontal lockup. 

Full Color
Black and White

Vertical Logos

The secondary WebXr Product Viewer logo has a vertical lockup. You can use this instead of the horizontal logo.

Full Color
Black and White


If needed, you can use the WebXr Product Viewer icons independently without the wordmark

Full-color icon
Full-black icon (on light background)

Offical Colors

Our official colors for the WebXr Product Viewer icon, wordmark, and the website are:

Primary: #fffff

Secondary: #0000

Please work with these colors only to represent WebXr Product Viewer in your promotional work.

Primary Color
Secondary Color


Find screenshots showcasing different aspects of the WebXr Product Viewer plugin interface below.


Feel free to use them for your blog posts or reviews.

Legal Reminder

We permit the usage of WebXr Product Viewer brand assets as long as you follow its guidelines carefully. We do not accept use of these assets in any way contrary to the guidelines.


  • Display the brand assets in a way that implies a relationship, affiliation, sponsorship, or endorsement by WebXr Product Viewer. 
  • Use our brand assets as part of your own brand identity. 
  • Modify or alter any of our assets without written permission from WebXr Product Viewer.