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Transform your online store into an immersive experience, making e-commerce as tangible as in-store shopping.

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In the competitive e-commerce landscape, standing out is not just an advantage—it’s a necessity. Why let your products remain static when they can leap off the screen, offering customers an interactive experience that’s as close to tangible as it gets?

Why 2D Limits E-Commerce?

The online shopping world is advancing, but many e-stores are caught in the 2D trap. Traditional images can't capture the essence of your products, leading to missed opportunities.

Lost Engagement

Static images don't invite interaction. Your customers can't feel or connect with the product, leading to a potential drop in interest and engagement.

Misaligned Expectations

How many times have customers returned products because they looked different in person than on-screen? 2D doesn't offer the depth or detail necessary for informed decisions.

Missed Sales Opportunities

Imagine a user wavering on a purchase because they can't visualize the product adequately. Every unsure customer could be a missed sale.

In-Store Disadvantage

One edge physical stores always had was the tactile experience. But what if your online store could offer a similar, tangible experience?

XR Product Viewer: Innovation Meets Immersion

Revolutionizing e-commerce, one 3D model at a time. Dive into the next frontier of online shopping.

3D Transformations

Turn every product listing from a mere image into an interactive 3D model. Let customers rotate, zoom, and explore every detail as if they were holding it in their hands.

Seamless AR Integration

Why imagine when you can visualize? Our augmented reality feature lets customers place products in their own space, bridging the gap between imagination and reality.

WooCommerce Perfected

Crafted exclusively for WordPress WooCommerce, our plugin integrates effortlessly, making the transition to 3D and AR smooth and simple.

User-Centric Design

Prioritizing ease and intuition, we've ensured that both e-store owners and their customers enjoy a seamless, hassle-free experience.

Why XR Product Viewer is Changing the Game

Dive into a toolkit designed for today's e-commerce, and tomorrow's visions.

Interactive 3D Models

Turn static product images into rich 3D models, allowing customers to view every angle, every detail.

Augmented Reality Views

Bring products to your customers’ real world. Let them visualize items in their space, reducing guesswork and increasing confidence.

WooCommerce Ready

Designed exclusively for WordPress WooCommerce, ensuring a flawless fit and easy integration with your online store.

User-Friendly Experience

A hassle-free setup for store owners and an intuitive shopping experience for customers, making shopping delightful.

Environment Files Inclusion

Host 3D models directly on your server, eliminating third-party dependencies and ensuring faster load times.

Future-Proof Design

Built with the future in mind. As XR technologies evolve, your store won’t be left behind.


The WebXR product viewer for WooCommerce is a specialized plugin that integrates with your WooCommerce store, allowing you to display and showcase products in 3D. This offers visitors an interactive experience where they can view, rotate, and zoom in on products from various angles.

No special software is required. Most up-to-date web browsers support WebXR, enabling users to interact with the 3D products straight from their desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Once you’ve installed the plugin, upload your 3D model files using the WordPress media library. Within the product settings in WooCommerce, you’ll find options provided by our plugin to associate the 3D model with the respective product.

The plugin supports .glb or .gltf. Ensure that your 3D models are in the supported format for optimal compatibility and performance.

Yes, indeed! The plugin offers a range of customization settings. From adjusting controls to modifying viewer aesthetics, you can ensure that the 3D experience aligns seamlessly with your store’s design.

3D models are typically larger than standard images, but our plugin is built for efficiency. It utilizes asynchronous loading techniques to prevent any lags or slowdowns. However, always optimize your 3D models to strike a balance between detail and file size.

There’s no set limit within the plugin itself. You can display as many 3D products as you want. However, always be mindful of your server’s capacity and website performance, especially if hosting numerous high-resolution models.

Standard licensing typically covers usage on one domain or installation. If you’re looking to deploy the plugin across multiple WooCommerce stores or domains, you need to acquire a team license.

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